Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jai Jai Jai

Sam and Lady Mich at the Taj!

Now entering the fanciest hotel in Agra and one of the top hotels in the world. Abundant Prosperous Blessings!!!

more fancy hotel and our server....

and more after hanging out in the abundance for over an hour...

a complimentary soup, because you can't just sit while your table partner is eating....

the salad Mich ordered....

Datta Swamy "When desired pleasing things are offered to that mind, that mind will have contentment. Actually that contentment is settled and staying firmly in that true self. There is no seperate satisfaction for You. It is not external and away from You. Whenever You are having happiness with contentment, at that time you are immersing in your true self."

So it's March 20th, evening here in Varanasi, India. Lady Michelle, myself, and thousands of other tourists are roaming the maze streets and ghats of one million stairs. That's my new official name for them. The tourist scene is not so much my thing i've decided, but it's good to just practice being completley present. Embracing every moment, whatever that may entale.

Our travels have been exciting to say the least, and today may be the first day without a random event.

Tommorow we are taking Indian cooking classes and i may even take a flute lesson while am here. Did i tell you that i bought a flute? Yes.. from a Russian man who spoke no english. It was random and quite fantastic. He and his other Russian friend(who learned to speak english in India) were flute players with a couple spare ones to sell. So....i bought one....had a two hour meditative flute lesson and was sold!

Ode to the Light Love Power and Blessings!

Atma Namaste
Jai Jai Jai

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